One of my other passions is kayaking, and when the weather allows it in Belgium, I love to take out my inflatable kayak from Decathlon’s itiwit range. I must say, it’s still one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

After my first test ride, I couldn’t help but wonder about other places where I could take my kayak. To my surprise, I found very little information about inflatable kayaking spots in Belgium, apart from the heavily advertised ones. This sparked my curiosity, and I embarked on a quest to discover beautiful and lesser-known locations, accessible by public transport, and with suitable entry and exit points for kayaking.

As a side mission of this blog, I will share my inflatable kayak adventures and experiences in Belgium with the world. I believe it’s essential to uncover hidden gems and promote sustainable ways of exploring nature. Through my kayaking escapades, I aim to inspire others to embrace the beauty of Belgium’s waterways, enjoy the serenity of kayaking, and experience the thrill of discovering new places.

Stay tuned as I uncover breathtaking kayaking spots, provide detailed information on public transport routes, and share tips on where to access the water. Let’s embark on this kayaking journey together and unlock the hidden wonders of Belgium’s waterways.